Terms & Conditions

All sales are expressly conditioned on Buyer’s

agreement to the terms and conditions set

forth below. Any order or statement of intent

to purchase goods, or any direction to proceed

with procurement or shipment of goods, or any

acceptance of or payment for goods shall constitute

Buyer’s agreement to those terms and conditions.

No other representative of Seller is authorized to

modify these terms and conditions, or to agree to

any additional or different terms or conditions.


New Orders

All new orders must be submitted in writing. They

can either be emailed to: sales@prideindustrial.com

or faxed to 909-334-4377


Will Call

Pride Industrial requires a 2 hour window for will

call orders. If an early pick-up is required, the order

must be submitted and confirmed the day before

the pick-up. If a truck or carrier will be picking up,

please request an appointment to avoid delays.

Will Call hours are from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM,

Monday through Friday. Hours subject to change

without notice.



Unless otherwise noted on the purchase order,

Pride Industrial reserves the right to choose the best

shipping method and bill for freight charges.



Goods in transit travel at the risk of the purchaser.

Damage and/or shortage must be noted upon

receipt and be countersigned by the delivering

carrier’s agent. We will be pleased to furnish any

information or assistance needed to establish

a customer’s claim against the carrier. Within 9

days after tender of, delivery to or receipt of any

shipment and before any part of the material has

been changed from its original condition, Buyer

shall inform Seller in writing if the material is found

defective or short in any respect. Seller is not liable

for loss or damage in transit.



We assume no liability for damage to person or

property caused by merchandise bought from us.

All specifications and engineering information have

been reproduced for our customer’s convenience

only. Pride Industrial shall not be liable for any

special indirect, incidental or consequential

damages, including (but not limited to) loss of profits

or revenue; loss of use of the goods or related goods,

damage or injury to the person or property of Buyer

or others. The remedies of Buyer set forth herein are

exclusive and Seller’s liability on any claim for loss

or damage arising out of the sale of goods or arising

out of anything done in connection with such a

sale, whether in contract or tort or under warranty or

otherwise, shall not exceed the price of the product

or part on which such liability is based.



Pride Industrial, LLC